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ICT Competition

SDK 6 PENABUR students won the first and the second place at a computer competition held by SDK PENABUR Jakarta. Taking place at SDK 6 PENABUR Kelapa Gading on June 6, 2015, this competition was divided into several categories, started from grade 1 until 6.

Jennifer and Luna won the first place at Presentation Category for grade 6, Angelica won the first place at Flyer Category for grade 5, Shawn won the second place at Perspective Drawing Category for grade 4, and Sherin won the second place at Drawing Category for grade 2.

The theme of this computer competition was “Expressing Creative Idea, Creating with Computer” based on caring for others.

Congratulation for all the winners. Hopefully your success can inspire other SDK 6 students to develop their creativity and spirit of learning.

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