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Tuesday morning on October 11th 2016, the weather was cloudy, but it couldn’t decrease the cheerfulness of students in grade 2 to join the fieldtrip in this first semester.
The destination of this field trip was Godong Ijo that took place on Sawangan, South Jakarta. We arrived there at 9.30 in the morning and was served with sweet hot tea and doughnut.
20161011_105053After the representatives from Godong Ijo introduced themselves, our students watched some videos about environment. From the video, we have learned about how important it is to protect our environment and how to do it.
Our students did a lot of activities there. They walked around to see some hydroponic plants, medicinal plants and they also learned how to plant in a simple way by using carpet and irrigation pipe.
Beside plants, the students have been given knowledge about some kinds of reptiles. They took a photo with it and also fed those reptiles. To improve their creativity, they learned how to make a simple money box.
The last activity was a traditional game that was made from some simple tools such as: engrang from coconut shells and hulahup from a bamboo.
Our students went home with a happy face and got a lot of new stories that they could tell to their parents about their new experience in to Godong Ijo.

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