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Education Fieldtrip of fourth graders to Rumah Perubahan

On Monday, March 27, 2017, the fourth graders of SDK 6 PENABUR had an educational field trip to Rumah Perubahan. The place is owned by a famous motivator and a business consultant, Reynald Kasali. On the nearly 6 hectares land, various facilities to support students’ education and self-development are built. There, the students were divided into groups and were guided around by the Rumah Perubahan tour guides. The students explored the place to observe and learn about rare plants and animals. They enjoyed feeding buffalos and cows, even though the smell was bad.

After that, they went to “Rumah Tempe”. At Rumah Tempe, the students learned and practiced how to make tempe embun. When they had finished, they could bring their hand-made tempe home. The waste from the process of making tempe can be used to feed the cows.

They also learned how to grow and harvest spinach. They were all very excited, as they only got the information about farming from books and televisions before, and then they experienced it first hand. As parts of the activity, they collected and washed the spinach they had harvested, put them into a plasticbag, and brought them home.

After lunch, the Rumah Perubahan tour guides gave the students a presentation on leadership. The students learned how to be good leaders which started from leading themselves first. It is hoped that they can be future leaders who can decide and pursue their future dreams. All in all, the students had an amazing experience as well as getting valuable information and knowledge.

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