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A Visit to Rumah Tanah Baru

It was a cloudy and rainy morning, yet it didn’t discourage the fifth graders of SDK 6 to visit Rumah Keramik F Widiyanto. Which is located at Jl. Curug Agung, Tanah Baru, Beji, Depok City, West Java.

For the educational field trip the grade V students were divided into two groups. On Thursday, March 23, 2017, the first group was from class 5A, 5B and 5C. While on Friday, March 24, 2017, the second group was from class 5C and 5E. Even though they didn’t go together, they enjoyed and learned the same activities.

After arriving there safely, the students proceeded to a large open room on the top floor which used to be a place for making ceramics. While the students were resting after a long journey, they enjoyed donuts and drinks. After that, the students listened to a presentation from the guides on how to make ceramics; the tools and materials needed to make them. The students listened to their explanations enthusiastically, as the Indonesian language and Science teachers assigned them to write a report on the activity. The Indonesian language teachers assigned them to write a report of how to make ceramics while Science teacher assigned them to explore about heat energy. The students had a chance to make their own ceramics. Each of them was given 300 grams of clay that; they could use to make their ceramics. They found out that it wasn’t easy to make one. It took patience, perseverance, and accuracy.  When they were finished, the ceramics were put into a big oven. To produce good ceramics, it took 6 hours of heating in 1250° C and another 6 hours of cooling down. After that, the ceramics could be decorated and painted as they wanted.

At the end of all the activities that day, the students had a mini tour in an art gallery of Mr. F Widiyanto. It was full of landscape paintings and sketches of face, statues, jars, and other art works. The guides explained about the history of the art works and said that all those art works were precious and valuable. The information the students got from the tour was related to their Civics and Social Studies at school. After lunch, all of them returned to school. They had a great learning experience from the field trip.

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