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Family First

SDK 6 PENABUR held a gathering program with the theme Family First for Grade V on Saturday, February 3, 2018. This program aimed to build and enhance relationship between parents and their children and also to establish a sense of togetherness with teachers at school. The event was started with morning exercise joined by parents, students and teachers on the school yard. After that, parents and students were divided into two different activities.

Activities for parents held on the school hall guided by Dr. Christian Fredy Naa S.Si., M. Si., M. Sc. as a guest speaker about Generation Gap, Mengenal dan Mendidik Anak Generasi Z. While activities for students held in the middle lobby guided by Christian Education Teachers with the topic Aku Anak yang Berbakti. In this session, students were taught how to respect their parents, wrote a letter and made a prayer requests for their beloved parents.

After students’ session finished, they joined their parents on the school hall accompanied by the teachers to follow the last session. In the last session, Pastor Peter Abet Nego showed a touching video about how a child struggling in taking care of her parents. After watching the video, parents and their children were asked to take turn in reading a letter that contained their messages, and hopes.

In the last session of the family’s activity, students were given cups of wedang ronde by teachers. Then they had an opportunity to feed their parents and thanked them for all their kindness, care, and guidance. A family was supposed to be like wedang ronde, which is sweet, tasteful and warm so it can add integrity and good fortune in the family. Before leaving, each person received a pin Family First symbolized a commitment made that family as the main priority.


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