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Achievements in ICT and Aku SERASI Competition

SDK 6 PENABUR as one of the best schools in Jakarta feeling thankful and proud for the achievements of the students in ICT and Aku SERASI competition held in SDK PENABUR Gading Serpong on Saturday, February 10, 2018. Through hard work, guidance from the teachers, support from the parents, and their effort in the mid of busy learning activities and tests at school, the students practiced and prepared for the competitions. Enthusiastically from many categories, SDK 6 successfully won these categories as follows:

  • Class II Sosiodrama Competition – 5th winner
  • Class I Edugames Competition – 3rd winner and 5th winner
  • Class III Drawing Competition – 3rd winner
  • Class IV Presentation Competition – 1st winner
  • Grade V, Vlog competition – 1st winner
  • Video School Profile competition – 3rd winner

Congratulations to the winners. Stay humble and always give thanks to God. For other students, keep the spirit and thank you for doing the best.