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Grade III Fieldtrip Goes to Doll Factory

On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, third grade students of SDK 6 PENABUR as one of the best schools in Jakarta had a fieldtrip to PT Sun Indo Adiperkasa, a doll factory located in Cileungsi. The students learned how the dolls are made starting from the beginning up to the finishing process. They walked around the factory area and directly observed the process of making dolls. After that they were invited to go into a showroom to see the various types of dolls that have ever been manufactured in the factory and having fun by playing with dolls. They also tried some animal costumes. Not only seeing directly the process of making dolls, the students also gained new experiences by making their own dolls. The last activity of the day was shopping time. The students were very excited and enthusiastic to follow all the activities on that day. They were so grateful having great opportunity to learn about the process of making dolls, having shopping experience and brought home their favorite dolls.