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What a wonderful trip to TMII

Hi everyone, this time, we want to tell you about the excitement when the second graders of SDK 6 PENABUR had a fieldtrip to TMII. They were excited as they could learn new things. Due to the topic they learn in the classroom about animals, so they visited TMII, Taman Burung, Air Tawar Museum, Insect Museum, and Keong Mas.

In Taman Burung they saw various kinds of birds that flew freely in the giant bird cage or also called the dome. There were also teachers and the guides who help them to see around. There were many types of animals such as birds, geese, ducks and pelicans. In the Air Tawar Museum, there were many kinds of fishes. Not far from there, the students went directly to the Insect Museum. There were many kinds of very beautiful insects. There was also a beautiful garden with flowers and butterflies in the garden. Their last visit was to Keong Mas. They watched a magnificent film about adventure entitled T-REX Dinosaurs. The students learned that animals are God’s extraordinary creation, which must be maintained and preserved.

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