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SDK 6 PENABUR achievement in PMC

A total of 31 students of 6 PENABUR SDK from grade I until VI participated in the PMC (PENABUR Mathematics Competition) on Saturday, October 13, 2018 in SDK 4 PENABUR Jakarta. The competition which was attended by more than 30 schools from PENABUR Jakarta and local schools was also attended by schools outside PENABUR with a total of more than 600 students. The purpose of this competition is to explore Mathematics skills as well as train them to solve various problems in their daily lives.

This competition was divided into 2 rounds, the preliminary round and the final round. From 31 students in total, there were 17 students proceeded for the final round. And here are the winners of the PENABUR Mathematics Competition:

Grade IV

– Chrysander Immanuel Ambrose Setiawan (1st Place)

– Benjamin Thomas Partono (5th winner)

Grade V

– Jason Jomono (2nd Place)

Grade VI

– Hansel Kosasih (1st Place)

– Theodore Jasen Singgih (4th Place)

– Jefferson Immanuel Kenrich Huang (6th place)

SDK 6 PENABUR feels grateful and proud of the achievements made by its students. For those who have not managed to be a champion yet, thank you for doing your best and keep up the spirit.